Live Streaming Video Methods

  • Live Streaming Teaching Methods

    *This guidance document provides several methods for staff to implement as it relates to providing “face time” with students on a weekly basis. The recent parent survey feedback indicated overwhelmingly that more live face time from teaching staff would benefit students from an instructional and social emotional standpoint. One of the methods below must be implemented along with the normal student assignments posted each week. Please reach out to your building principal or direct supervisor if you teach the same subject or class multiple times a day to brainstorm ways to simplify the process. Building based technology coaches and the technology department will be available remotely to provide assistance*

    Method 1 (Implemented 2-3x Per Week)

    • Pre-record your lesson using Screencastify or other video-based screen recorder application. 
    • Post the lesson using Google Classroom or Seesaw or Teacher Webpage.
    • Schedule a Live Session on Google Meet or Zoom to answer questions related to instruction.

    Method 2 (Implemented 2-3x Per Week)

    • Schedule a Live Session on Google Meet or Zoom in order to conduct an interactive lecture on the topic at hand. Q&A can take place by having students raise their hand or submit in the chat box.
    • Office hours available to answer questions for assignments or prerecorded lessons. 

    Method 3 (Implemented 1-2x Per Week)

    • Assign work remotely through Google Classroom or Seesaw or Teacher Webpage. 
    • Reach out to each parent/student via phone call or video call to check in and address any questions related to the assignments. Video calls via Google Meet or Zoom can be conducted with smaller groups of students. 

    *Please note that students can not be required, only encouraged, to attend live video based sessions. In some cases you might make yourself available and students will not show up. The important thing is that you made yourself available. Please contact the parent and principal in the event that a student does not consistently participate.*