• These are supplies your child will need in school and at home. It might be a good idea to have some extra at home in case they leave it behind at school or they run out of the certain supplies. I will replenish supplies at school as needed.

     Your child MUST send their tools back and forth each day for school. Having extras on hand at home might be a good idea.

    Along with their tool boxes/bags, I will also be sending a baggie with manipulatives and needed supplies that need to come back and forth to school. 


     1.Backpack- Your child will have many things to transport back and forth each day they are in school so please get one that is     big enough.

     2. A smock with your child's name largely written on the front. (an oversized Tshirt is prefered)

     3.Two - 2 pocket folders to be used as a "take home" folder and a materials folder. (please print child's name on front)

     4. One three ring binder 1/1/2-2 inch  ( easy open/close ones are best!)

     5. One pack of 12 count twistables or crayons (or close to that amount is good).

     6. A pair of fiskar child scissors

     7. A lunch box (labeled with first and last name)

     8.A crayon box or bag for their tools. I think a soft one might work better as it will be kept in their backpacks.

     9. A pair of headphones for your child's personal use on the chrome books. (please have this in a labeled baggie.)

    10.Two or three masks for each day at school. ( put in a labled ziploc baggie)

    11. A beach towel OR a king size pillow case OR a yoga mat for outside learning, mask breaks and snack time. Please choose the one that works best for you 

    12. A clean sock to use as an eraser

    13. One pack of 3x3 post it notes.

     Your child also need a healthy snack and a water bottle sent to school each day.  Some families prefer to use an additional lunch bag/box specifically for daily snacks. That is completely your choice, but please label the lunch bag and snack bag so your child is not confused. Please include a spoon/fork as needed. Please DO NOT put snacks in their lunch box. The Dickerson School policy for all classrooms is PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE. Thank you for keeping our students safe.

    Since we will be eating in the classroom, we do ask that you pack a Peanut/Nut free lunch as well.

    Donations of the following are ALWAYS appreciated.

    Small ziploc baggies-reseable

    Large gallon ziploc baggies-resealable

    *baby wipes

    *hand soap

    *hand sanitizer