Supply List 

     1.Backpack- Please be sure that your child's backpack is big enough to carry all their needed items each day.

     2. A smock with your child's name largely written on the front. (an oversized Tshirt is preferred)

     3. One 2 pocket folders to be used as a "take home" folder (please print child's name on front)

     4. One three-ring binder is 1/1/2-2 inch  ( easy open/ closed ones are best!)

     5. One pack of 12 count twistables or crayons (or close to that amount is good).

     6. A pair of fiskar child scissors

     7. A lunch box (labeled with first and last name)

     8.A crayon box or bag for their tools.

     9. A pair of headphones for your child's personal use on the chrome books. (please have this in a labeled baggie.) 

    10. A clean sock to use as an eraser

    11. One pack of 3x3 post it notes.

     Your child will need 2 healthy snacks and a water bottle sent to school each day.  Please indicate snack #1 and snack #2 or AM and PM, this way your child can learn which snack is for morning and afternoon. Some families prefer to use an additional lunch bag/box specifically for daily snacks. That is completely your choice, but please label the lunch bag and snack bag so your child does not get confused. We will be able to better help them if everything is labeled.

    Please include a spoon/fork as needed. Please DO NOT put snacks in your child's lunchbox. The Dickerson School policy for all classrooms is PEANUT/TREE NUT FREE. Thank you for keeping our students safe.


    Donations of the following are ALWAYS appreciated.

    Small ziploc baggies-resealable

    Large gallon ziploc baggies-resealable

    white paper plates

    plastic forks

    plastic spoons