Eligibility for the Gifted and Talented Program

  • All students in the Chester School District are given the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) at the end of the second grade year* to determine initial eligibility for the GIST program at Bragg School. Stu*dents who score exceptionally high on the CogAT test are invited to take the SAGES-3 Reasoning subtest to further determine eligibility. Students' scores on all tests are considered to determine eligibility for the GIST program. Students who enroll in the district after the end of second grade are givent he CogAT test upon enrollment.


    *Please note - second graders did not take the CogAT in the 2019-2020 school year due to the closure of in-person learning due to COVID-19. Students took the CogAT at the beginning of their third grade year in September 2020.

GIST Curriculum

  • Third Grade GIST

    Third grade GIST classes will focus on the higher-order thinking skill of Analysis. Throughout the school year, third grade students will analyze and create math word problems and logic puzzles, write a literary analysis comparing two texts, examine cause and effect relationships in science experiments, and analyze timelines in history to see cause and effect.


    Fourth Grade GIST

    Fourth grade GIST classes will focus on the higher-order thinking skill of Evaluation. Throughout the school year, fourth grade students will evaluate data about geometric shapes and patterns to draw conclusions, construct persuasive debate arguments, use experimental data to see if common myths are scientifically accurate, and evaluate primary historical sources to draw conclusions about life in different times.


    Fifth Grade GIST

    Fifth grade GIST classes will focus on the higher-order thinking skills of Synthesis and Creation. Throughout the school year, fifth grade students will create a math board game including different levels of word problems, write and film a biographic short film, design an experiment to answer a question, and create a map and constitution of a fictional society.