Handwriting Tips

  • Proper Posture When Writing on a Table Top

    • Feet flat on the floor (A footstool or thick book can be placed under the feet to assist if feet do not reach the floor.) Sit upright in a chair. Ensure you are following the 90-90-90 rule (elbows, hips and knees all at a 90 degree angle).
    • Wrist supported on table. Paper stabilized by non-writing hand.

    Letter Formation (Handwriting without Tears letter charts)

    • When printing, prompt your child to use a top down formation: “Where do you start your letters? At the top!”
    • Try this routine: You write the letter…Your child writes the letter…You write the letter…Your child writes the letter.
    • Ten tips to improve writing article : Tips


    • Have the child use their finger or a Popsicle stick after each word to create an appropriate space before beginning the next word.
    • Use graph paper to give a visual cue for spacing out words and letters.
    • There are many types of writing paper. Be sure to check with your child’s therapist on the best type of paper or strategy for your child.

    Letter and word placement

    • Draw a green line along the left margin of the paper and a red line on the right to signal where to “start” and “stop.”
    • If your child has difficulty writing on the line, darken the baseline with a marker.
    • Use a highlighter to indicate where to write between lines.