Daily Living Tips

  • Shoe Tying

    • Children typically require demonstration, explanation, and lots of practice to master tying their shoes.
    • Remember there are various methods to shoe typing.  Try and see what works best for your child.
    • Be sure laces are long enough so that your child can make large loops if needed.
    • Practicing knots on a jump rope or pipe cleaner can also make it easier and more fun.



    • Help your child up until the very last step to allow him/her to successfully complete the dressing task. Do less and less as your child can do more and more. For example:
      • Assist with fastening the zipper but allow the child to pull it up.
      • Help your child put each leg into his/her pants but have your child pull his/her pants up independently.
      • Insert a button halfway into the hole, but let your child pull it fully through.
    • Teach your child to locate the tag first to identify the front when putting on shirts or jackets.


    Hand Washing

    1. Use Soap
    2. Scrub palm to palm
    3. Scrub back of hands
    4. Wash between fingers
    5. Wash thumbs
    6. Scrub fingernails
    7. Wash wrists
    8. Rinse hands
    9. Dry Hands