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    We will be learning so many letters and sounds in Kindergarten! We use this order when we teach letters:

    C, O, A, D, G, M, L, H, T, I, J, K, P, Ch, U, B, R, F, N, E, S, Sh, Th, W, Wh, Y, V, X, Z, Qu, Long Vowel Sounds 

    We spend 1 week on each letter/sound. We will be teaching students to read, recognize, and write uppercase and lowercase letters. We will be teaching the students how to blend the letter sounds to make words! 

    Here are some ways you can practice reading and writing letters and sounds with your child!

    - The "Have Fun Teaching" videos on Youtube are a great way to practice each letter sound with your child, and they show different words that begin with that letter.  Here is a link to the videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBADD94CE3A9304E0 

    - Additionally, there are many letter and sound games for kindergartners on https://www.abcya.com/, as well as my website: http://turnbullkindergarten.weebly.com/. 

    - There are so many handwriting books available for students to practice handwriting at home. If you would like to help your child practice writing their letters, look for handwriting books in dollar stores, Target, Walmart, Amazon etc. 

    - Make or buy alphabet flash cards, and have your child practice saying the letter name and sound. (Dollar stores often have alphabet flash cards!)

    - Make a set of uppercase letter cards and lowercase letter cards (or buy them), and play Memory Match or Go Fish!

    - Give your child a letter or sound and have them find items that begin with that letter! 

    - Using old magazines, have your child go on a letter hunt. They can cut out the letters they find!

    - Make letters with playdough or any materials you have at home.

    - Put sand, salt, sugar, flour or shaving cream in a pan. Have your child practice writing the letters with their finger in the pan.

    - Go outside and write the letters with sidewalk chalk!

  • Alphabet Linking Chart

    We will be using this "alphabet linking chart" in our class often. Please see this letter  about how to use the linking chart HERE.