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  • Why am I blogging?

    For the past 11 years I have worked with students who have significant cognitive disabilities.  My life has changed in so many ways. I have become not only a stronger teacher but my heart has been filled with compassion that has been taught to me by my beautiful children.  


    My goal in life is to teach this kindness and compassion to others.  It is never too early to teach all children about the world around them and how to accept differences in others (AND THEMSELVES).  


    From this passion I have formed the “Think Different Project” within the Chester Township School District.  Under the umbrella of this project there are four groups:  The PAL Project, Abilities Awareness Club, PE PALS and Future Teachers Club. I am in the process of developing "PAL Project: After Hours" to promote outside of school get togethers and such with friends.


    All of these clubs, although very different, all have one purpose. This purpose is to empower children.  Why are we shielding our own children from the world that surrounds them.  Why are we not answering their questions when they ask about the boy who is flapping his hands or the girl who is holding her ears and screaming???


    But...Who is this blog really for?


    Empowerment is also important for families and need a place where they can find answers to their questions. I am passionate about keeping open communication and sharing strategies and insight that I have learned over the years. Since I am already hitting the areas of empowering students pretty strongly....this blog is for the Parents, Families, and other Teachers!!!


    This is why I am blogging!