In-class projects

  • 8th Grade Rubric Mrs.Vespignani

    Opera Commercials      Performing Arts



    Opera commercials can be made using a variety of on-line sources and technology available in class.  With the use of your chromebooks and/or Smartphones (permission given to use in class for this project only), you will create a 1 minute commercial/ad that represents the Black River Opera House’s next season of performances.  Sources that you can use include but are not limited to:


    youTube editor


    power director

    video shop snag it



    The commercial must include:


    1. Clips from all 5 operas discussed in class:

        “Don Giovanni”, “Pagliacci”, “Madama Butterfly”,    

        “Tannhäuser”, & “Amahl and the Night Visitors”


     2.  Information on when the season runs, how to contact the

         opera house and ticket information.


     3.  Remember, the commercial can be no longer than 60 seconds.





    -Includes video of all operas:  1   2   3   4   5

    -Information on when the season runs/contact info/ticket info: 1  2  3

    -Meets the length requirement:  yes (1)/no

    -Visual asthetics/quality of final product:  1   2   3  



    12= A+    11=A     10=A-   9=B+   8=B    7=B-    6=C+   5=C 4=C-










    Rubric…8th grade musical projects


    Summary of the storyline:  Many facts presented that relate to the plot and the outcome of the story. Key events are discussed, as well.

    1   2   3   4   5


    Description of the characters:  Thorough description of the MAIN characters.

    1   2   3   4


    Also, presented information about the SUPPORTING characters (their interactions and relationships with the main characters and each other).

    1   2   3   4


    Audio/Video examples: Play the overture/beginning music and 3 other songs/scenes from the musical.

    1   2   3   4


    Playbill: Creative and original. (Not printed out front page) Neat and well organized.  Relates very well to the musical.

    1   2   3   4


    Flow of presentation: Obvious evidence of practice and preparation of group.  Continuous flow of information; no breaks between sections.

    1   2   3



    24= A+                      20= B                16= C-

    23= A                        19= B-               15= D

    22= A-                       18= C+             14 or below= F

    21= B+                      17= C

    ***Extra credit:  anything above and beyond necessary criteria***