Composer project

  • Seventh Grade Romantic Composer Projects

    Components of the project:                                

    1.    Information sheet- Students will receive an information sheet  to fill in regarding their composer.  Use this information to fill in  your PowerPoint or poster…


    2.    Slide Show- A presentation on Google Slides.  Slide show should be at least five (5) slides long, not including title slide or slide listing your sources.  Using  the notes from the information sheet, create a slide show that  details your composer’s life, music, personal life, professional life,  etc.




    3.    Poster- A poster representing the composer to explain their life    and work.  Information sheet answers will be included on poster.    Posters will also be graded on originality and creativity.


    4.   Musical example- A musical example of their work to be        played on the Smart Board , embedded into your PowerPoint, or      a live performance of a piece can be played.   

     ***Music examples should be at least 1-2 minutes in length***