Objetivo y Expectativas


    La Clase de Español

    Octavo Grado

    Señora Mullen BRMS




    This class is designed with the purpose of introducing and reinforcing key concepts of the Spanish language and culture through immersion.  Spanish will be spoken by the teacher at least 80% of the time and as skills are developed, students will be expected and encouraged to use it to communicate with the teacher and each other.



    Spanish notebook or binder (or a space in your binder)

    Folder with pockets (for handouts)

    Textbook and Workbook “¡Buen Viaje! 1-B” (which will be kept in the classroom).

    Chromebook (charged!)

    Grading Policy for Spanish Grades 6, 7 & 8

    2017 - 2018

    CLASSWORK/ 20% - Classwork will consist of in- class work including worksheets, substitute work, conversations, quiz/test review exercises, and student contribution to class discussions.


    QUIZZES/ 30% -  Brief quizzes will be given regularly, maybe weekly, so students can master small amounts of vocabulary, grammar, and cultural topics at a time.


    TESTS/ 25% - There will be a few tests per marking period (oral, written, listening) to assess comprehensive acquisition of language skills.  


    PROJECTS/ 25% - There will be theme related assignments including group and individual projects that will be completed during class time.  

    For grading purposes:

    One point taken off for accent errors

    Two points for spelling errors

    Three points off for grammar errors

    • Student’s grades will be based on the degree of proficiency demonstrated in these areas: quizzes, tests, oral presentations, written assignments, projects and other assignments designed to present the language skills.
    • All quizzes and tests will be announced at least 5 days in advance with through review being done in class.  A quiz should be expected within a week of being introduced to a grammar concept or vocabulary.  Tests will assess both grammar and vocabulary and will be scheduled at least once per month.
    • Projects will be completed mostly during class.
    • There are no extra credit assignments in this class.


    If the student is absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to make up the work that was missed.  The amount of days in which they can make up the work will be based on the amount of days they were absent.  

    Academic Integrity:

    Unless instructed to do so for a particular assignment, using any translation site is unacceptable and very easy to identify.    Cheating in a testing situation will result in a zero for all parties involved and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

    Course Expectations:

    •        Students will be able to use Spanish for communication in class.
    •        Students will be able to comprehend the spoken Spanish word and respond accordingly.
    •        Students will be able to read written passages in Spanish.
    •        Students will be active participants in their language learning journey.