Mrs.Vespignani's Page - Choral Music/Performing Arts

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    Performing Arts Class ...


    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to performing arts class.  I would like to go over a couple of important points of information for everyone. 

    The classroom rules (found on the bulletin board) are as follows:

    • Treat others with respect
    • No intimidating, bullying or harassing others
    • No cheating
    • No chewing gum
    • Try your hardest/ do your best work J


    The grading policy for performing arts is as follows:

                40% Tests or Performances counting as a “test” grade

       20% Quizzes/Writing Assignments

                15% Project #1 (in class)

                15% Project #2 (in class)

                10% Classroom work, participation, preparedness


    Items you will need for this class…

    1. Writing utensils (pencils/pens)

    2. Notebook/Chromebook

    3. Folder for handouts and important info.


    Please be responsible for finding out what you may have missed if you are absent for any reason (ex: sick, lesson, group, etc.) by asking a fellow classmate.  If there were notes that were taken, please make sure to copy them down from a classmate or ask them to share them as a document on your chromebook as soon as possible after your absence.

    I look forward to a great class this marking period!!


    Mrs. Vespignani             !