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    I have been teaching Computer Applications at BRMS since 2001.  We have come a long way since using 3.5 floppy discs to now using Google Drive and Google Classroom.  Our school has one to one Chromebooks per student.  In my class we have the potential for 2:1 technology to student.  It is an amazing time to be doing the job that I do.  I love it because it is always changing! One of my biggest accomplishments over the past two years is becoming Google Certified.  Currently I have my Google Trainer Certification as well as my Google Educator Cert 1 and 2.  Thanks to Chester School District and you for all of your support!
    Please take a look around.  You will notice tabs marked for each of the grade levels as well as information about my clubs.  Email me if you have any questions!
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    Back to School Night Presentation Videos:  6th Grade   7th Grade   8th Grade


    Google Slides BTSN Presentations:   6th Grade    7th Grade    8th Grade
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