Vision Statement

  • Vision Statement:

    The Chester School District strives to promote a positive learning environment that fosters high academic standards and expectations for our students and our dedicated staff.  We offer a challenging curriculum which creates an environment that is appealing and responsive to each child’s developmental needs.  Critical thinking, initiative, problem solving, collaboration and perseverance are skill sets that the school district instills in each of our children to better prepare them to integrate into a globally diverse workforce.  We seek to promote a positive, safe, caring and respectful environment for our children that will empower them and prepare them to be reflective, confident and responsible adults.  We strive to have parents, teachers and community members become actively involved in our students’ learning environment so our children will be prepared, independent and socially responsible citizens in a global and changing world.


    District Goals for the 2019-2020 school year

    Goal One: To implement best practices and successful strategies to support the social and emotional development of our children by engaging staff, parents and students in this important work to find a healthy balance in their daily lives; and to implement best practices and successful strategies to promote civics and citizenship through curricula and related activities involving students, staff and community members. 

    Goal Two: To research and write a Five Year Facilities Plan that addresses aging facilities with particular attention being paid to the exterior facades and grounds of the three school buildings.

    Goal Three: To develop a long term Financial Forecast for the district for the next three to five years.