AM Dropoff Procedure

  • Dickerson School Morning Drop-Off Information.

    Safety is our first priority!




    • Drop-off begins at 8:30 am, when the staff begins the school day.  There is no supervision prior to 8:30 am.
    • The drop-off lane is to the right of the orange cones.  Do not park in the crosswalk.
    • Parents must remain in their cars. Student exit CURBSIDE ONLY.
    • Wait in line to exit and do not pass other cars or exit between the cones.
    • If you walk your child to the door to say goodbye, please park in the lot and use the crosswalk.
    • We greet the children and hold open the heavy front doors.
    • School begins at 8:50 am. If you arrive after 8:50 am, you must park and walk your child to the door and buzz the office. We will open the door. 
    • There is NO PARKING in the fire lane at any time of the day. You must have a handicapped designation to park in the reserved parking.