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  • Let’s have a winning season!

    I hope everyone is ready to enter the 2018-19 learning season. I am very much looking forward to working with you this year. I would like for you to think of me not only as your teacher, but also your coach. I have carefully crafted a game plan that will help you advance in your study of Language Arts. It is my job to make you a better player by helping you to set and reach your goals, but those of you who participate in sports teams know that success requires commitment and practice on your part as well.

    Our journey will not always be easy. At times, you may fumble—and this is okay. You do not have to earn straight A’s to be a winner in my eyes. When you drop the ball, I will still be right by your side cheering you on.

    Together, I know that we will be a winning team.


     We will be using our chrome books for our writing assignments and a site called Google Classroom. This is a virtual online classroom that connects all my students to Google Drive. This classroom allows me to create a paperless classroom. I can simply create, distribute, and grade assignments in this site. Using Google Classroom has helped me to collaborate more effectively with my students both in school and at home. Parents can view this site and see the daily progress their children are making. You will no longer have to drive back to school for that forgotten book and I will no longer have to hear that old excuse that the dog ate it.

    Class Work:Our Game Plan and Strategy Sessions

    Purpose: to provide guided practice on an instructed lesson, and to develop responsibility in using time wisely.

    Time is given in class to complete daily assignments. The student is expected to finish any incomplete assignments as homework in their Google Classroom.

    Homework: Practice Time

    Purpose; to provide independent practice on a skill previously taught; to develop individual student responsibility; organize skills; and develop creativity.

    Students will be assigned homework at least 1-2 times days each week. This is in addition to any incomplete assignments that need to be finished at home. Daily homework is expected to be completed in Google Classroom. Homework will never be assigned on Fridays or during vacation breaks.

    Game Rule


    •  Be respectful and responsible!
    •  Enter the room quietly and ready to work.
    •  Make sure you bring everything you need to class.
    •  Always do your best in behavior and work.
    •  Listen to others speak, and take turns sharing you ideas. Don’t shout out.
    •  Only ask to use the restroom during independent work time.
    •  Never leave the classroom without permission. 


    Student Planner: The Strategy Book

    Each student will receive a daily planner for the school year. You will be expected to fill the planner with daily homework. Please check your child’s planner daily. This will insure that all work is completed and also give you an idea of skills we are currently working on in class. The planner is an excellent source of communication between child, parent, and teacher. Please be sure to check the planner each day. If you should have any questions about assignments, please do not hesitate to write a note in the planner, email or call me directly. 

    Website: Every teacher at BRMS posts homework daily. You may check daily assignments this way, however, students are still expected to record their assignments in their planners.

    Make-Up Work: What to do when you are on the bench. 

    Assignments missed due to illnesses, family trips, etc. may be completed at home. Please contact me, as well as the office, at least 3 days in advance if your child will not be able to attend school because of a family trip, so that absence work can be provided. If you are ill you can check your assignments in Google Classroom or on my Web site and complete them when you feel better.

    Power School/ Assessments: Your Stats

    Parents can check the progress of their child on Power School. It is important that you review this report with your child, as sometimes this may be a warning that an area needs to improve before the report cards go home at the end of the quarter. All assignments may be revised for a higher grade. Report cards will be sent home at the end of each 10-week period (four quarters). Work samples of your child’s progress can always be found in our Google Classroom. We have scheduled conferences during the school year, but additional conferences may be scheduled if needed.

    Student progress will be measured in the following ways;


    •  Daily class work
    •  Tests and Quizzes
    •  Homework


    Communication: Signals

    I am available for phone calls between 2:00-3:00 pm during the school day. We do have a phone system that allows you to leave a voice mail message during the school day. If you have an important message that your child must receive before the end of the school day, we ask that you call the front office at 908-879-6363 and the secretaries will get the message to us. I also have an email address, and email is a great way to communicate with me. Both Email and phone call will be responded to within 24 hours.

    Email address

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