Parent/Guardian Support During Flexible Instructional Days

  • When lessons are scheduled to be delivered through virtual means (in the cloud), attendance is still required.  Teachers track virtual attendance in a variety of ways, and technology tools facilitate the confirmation of a student's participation in virtual learning. Each day students with possible assistance from parents must complete an online attendance form. Please click here to access the online attendance form.  Teachers will use Google Classroom, class webpage, email, or other online platform to communicate assignments and interact with students. The role of parents and guardians when learning occurs remotely is to ensure learning continues at home from 9AM - 2PM each day. Click here to read Dr. VanWoert's letter for further clarification. 

Create a Learning Schedule and Space

  • Sustained periods of virtual education are successful when students have a routine to follow and a space in which to work and learn.  As you consider how to support your child's online learning, be clear about the time of day any online video sessions will be held as well as the extent of the assignments your student will be asked to complete.  If you're not sure, ask your child's teacher(s). Once you have an idea about daily time commitments, plan a schedule for your child to follow. Stick to as predictable a daily routine as possible. Don't forget to include times for breaks and lunch.  In addition developing a daily learning schedule, it is important to identify an at-home learning space. Ideally, this space should have:

    • A computer, iPad, Chromebook or other device
    • Good lighting
    • Ready access to learning materials and tools

    A dedicated learning space for virtual learning should ideally be located in a shared area of your home such as at the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter, or a desk in a living room or family room.  When your student's learning space is separate from their bedroom and distanced from the television, it sets the expectation and tone that the space is for work and not play.  Additionally, an online learning space in a shared area allows parents and guardians to readily support learning while also monitoring online activity.


    Please remember to have your child take frequent breaks and stretch. The physical education teachers in each building have posted lessons to keep students active during these next few weeks.