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  • Summer Programs at the Chester Library

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 6/11/2021

    Please see the attached fliers for the Summer Reading Program, Math Program and Book Clubs at the Chester Library.

    Summer Reading Program

    Book Club Grade 5-7

    Book Club Grade 3-5

    Crazy 8 Math Club

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  • Band Program 2021

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 6/11/2021

    Please click through the attached presentation, and complete the google form signup at the end.

    Band 2021

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  • BRMS Summer Reading

    Posted by lori mauger on 6/7/2021 10:00:00 AM

    The BRMS Summer Reading requirement is Restart by Gordon Korman.  Every summer, the entire school reads the same book.  It's called One School One Book, and it's a school-wide effort to encourage reading at home and to bring the school community together.  Then during the upcoming school year, students and teachers explore the book through supplementary activities designed to enhance cognitive, social, and emotional well being.  Finally, the culminating activity will be a visit from author Gordon Korman in April 2022!  This book is the only required reading for the Summer of 2021.

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  • 5th Grade Legacy Tiles

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 6/3/2021

    Please seee the attached directions for purchasing your child's Legacy Tile.

    5th Grade Legacy Tiles

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  • 8th Grade Students Invited to Participate in Music Opportunites at Mendham High School

    Posted by lori mauger on 6/1/2021 1:45:00 PM

    WMMHS has wonderful music opportunities that incoming freshmen are invited to join.  Please view the following link for additional information:

    WMMHS Music Opportunities

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  • PTO 8th Grade Graduation Events with RSVP Link

    Posted by lori mauger on 5/21/2021 9:15:00 AM

    Please see the attached document with an RSVP link for the upcoming PTO 8th Grade Graduation activities.  Thank you.

    PTO 8th Grade Graduation Events

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  • Chester PTO: Lawn Bingo LIVE June 3, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

    Posted by Sophia Beaudin on 5/19/2021


    SO EXCITED to announce that we will be hosting LAWN BINGO LIVE outside behind Dickerson on June 3 (rain date June 4) at 6:30pm. Alongside of BINGO, we will also be having a silent auction, with lots of great items to bid on, for the adults. This is going to be a super FUN family night. Bring your own chairs or blanket to sit on along with some of your own snacks and drinks. Tickets MUST be purchased ahead of time on chesterpto.com
    If you have any BINGO prizes for the kids that you would like to donate please contact Michelle Drag on facebook or at michelle.drag@gmail.com
    We can't wait to see you all IN PERSON!




    Lawn Bingo

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  • Blastoff to Bragg Car Parade

    Posted by Melissa Sant on 5/18/2021 2:20:00 PM
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  • 5th Grade Legacy Tiles

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 5/18/2021

    Information about the 5th Grade Legacy Tiles:
    Students received a white paper with their name and code attached on the back that should be returned Wednesday the 19th to be digitally scanned. An order form will be sent after that. They received directions and videos through their Google Classroom.

    Need more info? Here's Ms. V's FAQ and Directions for the 5th Grade Legacy Tile's
    First, You will return your drawing to me (completed).
    Then, I will send it to "art to remember" with no money or order form.
    They scan it to make it a digital image and create your order form.
    The order form comes back to you.
    You use the code on it to log in and see your picture virtually on items you like and you will then order online that way.
    Your items get shipped to you
    Video's, Info, FAQ:


    Student Directions & Checklist:

    Did you miss turning in your picture by Wednesday the 19th? Are you virtual and can not come to the building? Then you can digitally submit your drawing by photographing it yourself. Here's how to digitally submit the tile drawing:

    Ms. Lori Vilagos
    Visual Arts Educator
    Bragg School

    Virtual Kids Tile

    Tile Directions

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  • PTO 5th Grade Fun Day Information

    Posted by Lisa Campbell on 5/14/2021 3:00:00 PM
    Hello, Parents of Bragg 5th Graders!
    Please see the attached with important information about the PTO's 5th Grade Fun Day. Your response is requested by May 19th.
    Thank you
    ¡Hola, padres de estudiantes de 5º grado de Bragg!
    Por favor, consulte el adjunto con información  importante sobre el Dia de Diversión de 5th grado de la PTO. Se solicita su requesta antes del 19 de mayo.
    Nín hǎo, bùlāgé wǔ niánjí xuéshēng de jiāzhǎng! Qǐng cānyuè fùjiàn, liǎojiě yǒuguān PTO wǔ niánjí yúlè rì de zhòngyào xìnxī. Yāoqiú nín zài 5 yuè 19 rìqián dáfù. 
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